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How Chris Hemsworth became a world-famous Australian actor


Chris Hemsworth is one of the most famous Australian actors in recent years, and he is one of the highest-paid leading men in today’s films. He is best known for his portrayal of the superhero Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, in which he as portrayed the character 8 times.

He has also had many other film roles, avoiding the trap of being known only for one character (Thor). He has had roles in series like Star Trek, Men in Black, and the reboot of Ghostbusters in 2016.

He was born in 1983 in Melbourne and is the middle child of 3 boys. Both of his brothers are also professional actors, but Chris is the most famous of the family. He has said that his earliest memories are of being around the cattle farms in the Australian outback hanging around buffalo and crocodiles.

He got his early roles in the iconic Australian soap opera series ‘Home and Away’. His first major Hollywood role was portraying James’s Kirk’s father in the 2009 Star Trek reboot by J. J. Abrams. While his on-screen performance was less than 5 minutes in the film, he caught a lot of attention and was flagged as the next big male lead.

He greatest breakthrough was undoubtedly in portraying Thor in the move of the same name. In the role, Hemsworth displayed his signature comedic portrayal of Thor that also managed to get serious when the film called for it, advertising his impressive range as an actor.

His inclusion in the first ensemble Avengers film cemented him as a forced to be reckoned with in Hollywood, and he became a household name due to the film’s international success. Ever since he has been known as Australia’s top male actor in recent years.

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