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The Lord of The Rings Trilogy fascinated the world


The Lord of The Rings Trilogy is one of the greatest filming achievements of the 21st century, and it is fondly remembered in the childhood’s of many of today’s adults. While they weren’t the first movies to pursue the fantasy theme, nor the first to adapt J. R. R. Tolkien’s literary work, they were still ground breaking.

The main reason that the Lord of The Rings Trilogy was able to fascinated the world was that it sold the fantasy setting in a believable way. In the past, media that featured fantasy topes like orcs, goblins, wizards and dragons were not take seriously by adult audiences, seen as something entertaining for children at best.

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy successfully sold a fantasy setting that was taken seriously by adults and was in some cases considered too scary for younger children. This was due to a range of factors.

There is no 1 big reason why Peter Jackson and his team were able to achieve success with the Lord of The Rings Trilogy – it is a confluence of small factors working together. One of those factors is the fact that the film was shot in New Zealand. New Zealand had a naturally fantastical aura to its geography, with stunning locations that gave the movie and otherworldly appeal.

Another factor was the quality of the effects work, as well as the quality of props and costuming. The world has a gritty realness to it and did not seem overly clean or fantastical. It felt like a world people really lived and died in, giving it a sense of believably that many other fantasy films could not achieve.

Ultimately, the Lord of The Rings Trilogy fascinated the world by mixing a gritty realism with a sprinkling of high fantasy.

Abbey Buckley
Abbey Buckley
Abbey Buckley joined the Bulletin Bite economy team from the Australian Associated Press where she covered a broad range of desks including state business in South Australia and the stock market from Sydney. Before that, she was a news reporter at a local newspaper.

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