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Ways the world changed due to President Donald Trump


Donald Trump is one of the most divisive figures ever to hold the dubious title of ‘leader of the free world’, a term commonly associated with US presidents. With career politicians from both sides of America’s political divide citing Trump’s cavalier attitude to his responsibilities as president, his short-sighted approach to America’s top job has had effects not just domestically in the US, but around the world.

One of the main ways Donald Trump impacted the world as president is sabre-rattling with Asian power, specifically China and North Korea. While both Asian nations have historically been at odds with America and it’s western allies, the tensions have always been below the surface, and open warfare was never alluded to.

Trump changed that, and there was a brief period after his election where the prospect of nuclear warfare with North Korea seemed like it was at least on the table for Trump. While it’s easy to argue how and why the launch button would never be pushed, the fact that it was speculated as a real possibility was something only Trump had accomplished.

He also made America’s relationship with Russia more complicated than ever before. During his election campaign, Trump gave Putin praise by saying he was a good leader and someone he could “work with”.

This move shocked many on both sides of American politics. For some, it was because Russia was a historic rival to the United States (see Cold War), but for others it was because of the brutal, despotic leadership style that Putin was notorious for.

Trump’s divisive rhetoric has also caused a more significant divide in society than ever before. He championed a signature vindictive style of political opposition that has been indulged in by the right and then by the left in response.

Abbey Buckley
Abbey Buckley
Abbey Buckley joined the Bulletin Bite economy team from the Australian Associated Press where she covered a broad range of desks including state business in South Australia and the stock market from Sydney. Before that, she was a news reporter at a local newspaper.

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