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Organic oils at wholesale prices: Different fragrances for different uses


Essential extracts possess a comprehensive array of benefits for different ailments, conditions and health concerns. While initially viewed as purely ritualistic or spiritual in its effects, there is a growing body of literature drawing focus to some of the positive health and psychological benefits of using natural extracts and fragrances every day. Having said this, there is no evidence (currently) that proves that fragrance extracts can be used to prevent, treat or cure health-related ailments. Nonetheless, they can be used to help alleviate or manage ongoing wellness problems, which is why they continue to be popular with patients.

If you’re interested in purchasing organic oils at wholesale rates from a reliable supplier, then you’ll want to know which scent you should get and why. Indeed, each fragrance has its own unique benefits, so it’s worth knowing the details. If you’re unsure, then keep reading this article to find out more.

Sleeping issues: Lavender


If you’re looking for organic oils at wholesale prices to assist with sleeping issues, then a lavender scent is the way to go. Notably, a 2005 study from The Journal of Biology and Medical Rhythm Research found that lavender scents improved the sleeping patterns of 31 volunteers in the trials. Surprisingly, these patients claimed that their sleeping patterns were healthy before the trial, but still found the scents improved their sleep quality dramatically.

More importantly, lavender scents have been correlated with improved slow and deep-wave sleep patterns, meaning people who use the fragrances are able to fall asleep quicker. This also means they often wake up the following morning feeling more refreshed and energised. If you want the best organic oils, a wholesale producer is the best bet, especially if you want bulk orders and cheaper prices.

Energy issues or gastro problems: Peppermint

If you are having issues maintaining your energy levels throughout the day, you might want to consider peppermint organic oils from a wholesale provider. Peppermint has been proven to boost energy and even assist with digestion, specifically used to help with discomfort from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can also assist with stomach pains and nausea, so many doctors suggest that patients drink peppermint tea when suffering from stomach viruses. Peppermint oil can also be used in topical solutions, such as creams for skin irritation.

Skin issues: Bergamot

If you have issues with your skin (such as dermatitis, dry skin, acne or a persistent rash), you might want to give bergamot oil a shot. However, some individuals are known to develop skin irritation because of the substance, so we recommend using the extract in small doses as a trial run. If you notice your skin getting worse, stop using the oil in your diffuser.

Nonetheless, bergamot remains one of the most popular organic oils available from wholesaler providers. This is because it can minimise inflammation and swelling. If you have blocked sinuses and snore late at night, a bergamot extract oil can help reduce inflammation in your passages and help with night-time breathing.

Mood and relaxation issues: Chamomile


There is a reason why chamomile tea is recommended for people who are stressed or anxious. Chamomile, as a fragrance and scent, can have a powerful calming effect on the individual. It also has a great flavour, hence why it works so well as a drink. If you are continually in stressful environments or tense situations, you might want to incorporate a daily dose of chamomile in your routine. Using organic oils from a wholesale provider is the best way to get the most concentrated, sufficient amount of the scent. In fact, consuming chamomile was found to help patients suffering from a generalised anxiety disorder, in the sense that it reduced moderate-to-severe symptoms.

Concentration issues: Sandalwood

As an extract oil, sandalwood is used in a lot of soaps, body washes and scented products. Not only is the scent popular with customers, but it has been correlated with enhanced concentration levels. If you want sandalwood organic oils from a wholesale seller, then it is worth knowing where the substance comes from. Sandalwood is derived from Santalum’s wood and roots, which is one of the most valuable trees in the world.

Some studies have shown that sandalwood helps with concentration and alertness. If you’re not convinced, reach out to an organic oils wholesale seller for further information. Sandalwood can be great for workers needed to focus on urgent tasks at work or students preparing for an upcoming examination or assignment. Whether it is to help you study and focus or quell any pre-exam jitters, sandalwood is a natural extract that you should invest some research into.

Infections, immunity issues and more: Tea tree

Tea tree is one of the most widely used natural extracts, with a plethora of applications and uses. More importantly, it’s inexpensive and easy to use (inhalation or topical). The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the importance of hygiene and hand sanitation, something that tea tree extracts can help with. If you’re short on hand wash or sanitiser, then tea tree organic oils from a wholesale provider are the next best thing. This is because the extract has natural properties that help disinfect surfaces, so they are great for infections and your immune system.

Mood and libido issues: Jasmine

If you are having issues with your mood and libido, then jasmine extracts are the way to go when it comes to organic oils from wholesale suppliers. Jasmine-based aromas are often classified as aphrodisiacs. The scent is derived from a flower that originated in Iran. Today, these flowers can be found in most tropical climates.

Jasmine is a trendy fragrance, popularised through many Chanel perfumes. You can purchase it as organic oils from a wholesale seller, often for a cheaper per-unit rate. It can even be found in some alcoholic beverages (primarily cocktails), sweets and desserts. Most of the evidence that suggests jasmine can positively affect libidos is largely conjecture and anecdotal. Nonetheless, jasmine can have a stimulating effect on the brain, increasing the user’s likelihood of noticing sexual and romantic cues. Indeed, this is one of the reasons why jasmine remains an incredibly popular fragrance used in perfume.

Headaches, cold symptoms and nausea issues: Lemon

If you want organic oils from a wholesale supplier, we recommend diversifying your oils and choosing a few from this list. Having said this, lemon-scented products are a must-have for any collection. This is because lemon oil has a wide range of benefits for the user. Firstly, they can act as a reliever of pain, especially headaches. Lemon essence can act as a natural analgesic, in the sense that it can actually rewire how our brain is interpreting pain.

Fluids with lemon extracts (like lemonade) can also help with cold/flu symptoms, like sore throat and nausea. If you are unwell with a cold, we recommend setting up a diffuser in your room with natural lemon extract. It will release a sweet, tangy fragrance into your room, which will help relax the muscles in your throat and alleviate your stomach pains. If you want bulk orders or make a more economical purchase, you should buy your organic oils from a wholesale provider.

Final tips

We recommend diversifying your organic oils from your wholesale supplier. Each fragrance has different benefits, so it is certainly worth investing time and money into different scents. Through trial and error, you’ll be able to identify which wholesale organic oils work best for you and which ones will be most effective given your health ailments.


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