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Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Scott Morrison’s Digital Technology Taskforce


Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a Digital Technology Taskforce that was a part of the Department of the Prime Minister, as well as the Cabinet, to help Australia in becoming one of the leading digital economies before the year of 2030 arrived.

This taskforce was designed around the idea that Australia should become one of the leading nations when it came to technological innovation that was adopted by other countries around the world. The benefits of this would be an enhancement to Australia’s economic exports as well as enhancing the prestige of the country on the world’s stage.

The appointed taskforce was required to establish means by which all Australian citizens would be able to gain the immense benefit of digital technology that could also protect them against physical, environmental, and cyber harms. It was also to help encourage the innovation of technology that make the Australian economy more productive as a whole.

That taskforce was flagged to work across all industry sectors regardless of size and try to find a way to cooperate with different agencies and institutions to facilitate technological innovation and find ways that Government could help speed things along.

One area that was highlighted was the potential for new technological innovations to help fill skill gaps in the economy and prepare Australia for the more habitual use of social media platforms in all aspects of society. The taskforce was designed to promote a collaborative approach across Government and the business sector.

The taskforce is designed to have people from the Government and relevant industries meet on a quarterly basis every year until 2021. This includes advisory committee experts from a number of professional industries that flag interest in investment in the technological future of Australia and providing practical investment strategies.

Milla Haines
Milla Haines
Milla Haines is an award-winning journalist and true finance author with 10 years' experience in covering international and nation events. She has worked as a foreign correspondent in the US, South East Asia and Europe, and now specialises in market and technology.

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