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Famous Australian fashion designer Alex Perry


Born in 1963, Alex Perry (full name Alexandros Pertsinidis) is one of Australia’s most famous fashion designers when to comes to womenswear. He is also commonly recruited as a TV presenter for his fashion opinions and expertise, becoming a recognizable face even for those who do not follow the fashion industry.

The clothing he has designed has been worn by many famous women, including Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Rihanna, P!nk, Kate Upton, Sandra Bullock, and many more. His designs have been featured on the covers of many magazine, including Marie Claire and Vogue Australia.

He is a very high-demand media personality, especially whenever fashion is being judged. He is the longest running cast member of the show Australia’s Next Top Model, and he has also been a judge on Asia’s Next Top Model. He was also the hose of the reunion episode of The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Alex Perry grew up in a working-class migrant family in Sydney, His father was a Greek immigrant and his mother is a second-generation Greek in Australia. He anglicised his name to Alex Perry to help his career.

Perry is as famous for his TV appearances as he is for his design work. He has been a co-host and commentator on many programs commenting on celebrity fashion, particularly with regards to Red Carpet ceremonies.

As mentioned, he is the only person to have served as a judge on all 10 seasons of Australia’s next top model. He has also appeared on many morning TV shows to give opinions about fashion.

He started his first fashion brand in 1992 creating women’s clothing. The dresses he designed were acclaimed by many around the world, and his gowns have consistently been featured on magazine covers.

Alex Perry married his wife Mary Perry.

Ebony Stump
Ebony Stump
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