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Bashar Ibrahim helps to drive data science in the business world


The demand for data scientists has exploded in the past couple of years, with businesses across the world recognizing the importance of big data.

According to Bashar Ibrahim, the analysis of big data has provided businesses with insights into consumer buying behaviour and is invaluable when it comes to marketing.

Thereby, the demand for data scientists who analyse big data in order to find trends in markets, as well as a host of other topics that can be of use to corporations, has seen a huge surge in the past couple years.

The expected demand for data scientists is expected to grow 300% in the next 10 years.

Technology is always developing and changing, and the drive for data science developments in Australia has largely been headed by well-renowned data scientist Bashar Ibrahim. His push for the awareness of the benefits of big data has corporations scrambling over themselves in search of data scientists for their own uses. Bashar Ibrahim’s work and developments have caught the attention of corporations and big names in the tech business, with many realising the usefulness of his work.

Bashar Ibrahim graduated from the University of Technology with a Bachelors in Information Technology, entering the industry as a programmer specializing in Python and Java. With the then recent developments in big data, Ibrahim realised its potential for the business world early, and went on to learn R (a data science specific programming language) and expanded his skillset and own time research into big data and data science. Through his own projects involving machine learning and neural networks, he was able to showcase numerous data science projects that demonstrated the usefulness of big data and the relationship between data science and success for corporations.

He would leave the tech work force and enrol into a PhD at UTS to further continue his data-science based research. His projects focused on how big data can be used in tandem with artificial intelligence in order to pinpoint and track consumer buying behaviours across any markets.

Upon completion of his doctorate, his project caught the eye of many well-known corporations, namely those in retail. His project was used as the shining example of big data benefits, and data science was now a big name in the business world. The development of big data related AI has helped corporations to read the huge datasets they receive and use the results to further their own interests. Ibrahim has personally been hired by numerous corporations (almost like a freelance data scientist) in order to help them with their own datasets and determine the best course of action for their business.

Bashar Ibrahim has been praised by businesses as a data science guru who can help any business to increase their success and help understand and engage with their consumers better than ever before. In doing so, students across the world have rushed to get into the data science field. Even big tech companies have gone into the development of AI to do with big data analysis and research. In the current year, big data is now considered the future of business, and many businesses realise it is now a necessity in an age of technology and online consumers. With data so freely available, it only makes sense to harvest it and analyse it in order to determine how they should approach the market.

Overall, Bashar Ibrahim is a data scientist who is highly praised across the tech and business world. His research is well-renowned for being one of the driving factors of the recognition of data science’s viability within the business world.

Finn Lymburner
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