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Why you should be outsourcing your telemarketing to the Philippines


Over the past few decades, one innovation that has emerged has been outsourcing business processes such as telemarketing to offshore locations. There are many reasons for doing this, but the biggest revolves around the most essential business equation.

“This equation is where price and quality intersect. No matter what goods and/or services you sell, you are trying to achieve the highest quality at the most competitive price. From a back-end, internal business perspective, you are trying to create the best quality processes at the most affordable cost to your bottom line,” says Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, a leading telemarketing outsourcing provider in the Philippines.

The concept itself is simple enough, but the process to execute it is quite complex. The question here is, how do companies in Australia cut costs while still maintaining a high-performance telemarketing team that helps them acquire more customers?

“Telemarketing is a fundamental business function, as it plays a key role in your sales and marketing efforts. Telemarketing is often a multi-touch process where you work with leads over the phone to nurture them towards becoming a customer,” says Ellspermann.

Sales and marketing work hand in hand, and telemarketing is one of those tasks that crosses into both departments. These are critical functions, because sales and marketing are the bloodline that feeds your whole company.

“Telemarketing can be a costly process, too, which is why outsourcing is a great option for this business process. Why? Telemarketing is not a high percentage game. It is one of those sales activities that requires a lot of little actions, handling a lot of rejection, and moving unflappably towards your business goals,” says Ellspermann.

“There are overhead costs for all business operations, but paying your in-house sales staff in Australia to fail over 90% of the time—as happens with telemarketing—can quickly add up,” he adds.

You also have to consider that most businesses operate on a global scale, and having “normal business hours” means that a large part of your customer base is unavailable unless you have a 24-hour call centre. You can reasonably guess what this means for your operational costs—it isn’t cheap.

For all these reasons, outsourcing emerges as a great option. With that said, we have all heard of poor call centre experiences in various parts of the world. So, how do companies save money while having a 24-hour call-centre facility and team and without sacrificing quality?

The answer is the Philippines.

The Philippines has spent the better part of the last two decades building the best and most elite telemarketing outsourcing industry in the world. The poor experiences you’ve heard of or had with other vendors in other countries stem from poor facilities, language barriers, and unreliable infrastructure.

None of these are issues for PITON-Global, the telemarketing powerhouse in the Philippines. With a growing economy, an educated and multi-lingual workforce, and state-of-the-art facilities powered by a reliable grid, you cannot get a better outsourcing experience.

We have seen companies like PITON-Global drive innovation and excellence, which has raised the level of competition nationally and resulted in a better outcome for everyone.

Companies in Australia are looking for ways to build their business while managing their costs. High-performance customer acquisition outsourcing is one way to do this, and now more than ever, the answer to your telemarketing needs is located in the Philippines.


Finn Lymburner
Finn Lymburnerhttps://www.bulletinbite.com.au
Finn Lymburner is a senior journalist for The Bulletin Bite. Finn has worked at The Bulletin Bite since 2016, covering business affairs, money, state politics, local government and workplace relations for The Bulletin Bite.

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