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4 facts about former Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull


Malcolm Turnbull is the ex-Prime Minister who was famously ousted by his former Liberal Party colleagues in favour of Scott Morrison. Malcolm hid his bitterness about the exchange well-enough but made it clear that it was a ‘far-right’ takeover borne out of fear of his moderate policy views.

Regardless of what you think about his rise and fall, here are 4 facts about him you might not have been aware of.

1.   He had success in business before politics

When he finished his law studies at Sydney University, Malcolm Turnbull took some time to dabble with journalistic writing before he decided to become a barrister. He moved into the business world in 1980, working with several successful enterprises including OzEmail, a pioneering company in Australian email.

2.   He was raised by a single father

When he was only 9 years old, Malcolm Turnbull’s parents separated. His mother moved to start a new life in New Zealand while his father raised him alone in Australia.

3.   His wife Lucy was a former Lord Mayor of Sydney

Malcolm Turnbull married his wife Lucy in 1980. Lucy was a former Lord Mayor of Sydney. They have had a strong marriage, and Malcolm Turnbull has always talked about the loving support of his wife.

4.   He was first famous for his ‘Spycatcher’ legal case

When Malcolm Turnbull was young working as a barrister, he became famous around the world for a famous legal case. The case was his defence of a retired British spy Peter Wright, who as being challenged by the British Government over his right to publish his book ‘Spycatcher’. The UK government argued that the book was too revealing of state secrets and represented a security risk should it be published on any level.

Hamish Macghey
Hamish Macghey
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