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Kylie Minogue is a style & fashion icon


Kylie Minogue is often considered to be one of Australia’s most legendary pop icons, and one of the most talented female celebs to make it big on the world stage. While her music is beloved by millions, she is also equally a trendsetter and fashion queen.

He has always been considered fearless and colourful when it comes to her outfits choices, both on and off the stage. She has worn some of the most extravagant and memorable pieces in fashion history and has done so with enviable grace.

Loves of glitter, sparkles, and bright colour are always dazzled by Kylie Minogue’s outfits choices.

She was born in 1969 and became the best-selling Australian female song artist of all time. She has the honorific nickname ‘Princess of Pop’ amongst many others. She is considered a style icon for the simple fact she has successfully reinvented her look several times over the decades, always remain relevant in the fashion world while others come and go.

She was born and grew up in Melbourne but has worked and live primarily in the UK as of the 1990s (her rise to fame). She actually had her first recognition as an actress on the iconic TV soap opera show Neighbours. She became prominent as a recording artist in the 1980s and released 4 dance albums that were heavily influenced by dance-pop. She had amassed many top 10 singles both in the UK and Australia by the early 1990s.

However, she wanted more creative control over her music and left the recoding company she was with. She signed with another company in 1992 and released two studio albums that critics say were less contrived for commercial success and felt more personal.

She then went back to producing more mainstream music in 2000 and had several hits including arguably her most famous songs ‘Spinning Around’ and ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head”.

Ebony Stump
Ebony Stump
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