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The effortless style evolution of Nicole Kidman


Nicole Kidman is one of Australia’s greatest exports when it comes to acting talent. She is a natural beauty who looks great in every role she performs in, and studios simply can’t get enough of her.

When she isn’t looking fantastic in her on-screen roles, she manages to look equally stunning on the red carpet and in her other public appearances. Many women have looked up to Nicole Kidman for her effortless sense of style that creates memorable ensemble outfits every time we are lucky enough to lay our eyes on her.

Not many of the Hollywood celebrities can nail the red carpet and street style everyone, but Nicole Kidman is a unique gem. She famously wore a dress from Dior that took around 1000 hours to be created.

She is a style icon due to the simple fact that many of her looks from the ’90s are still popular and beloved over 20 years later. She is all about timeless fashion, and not about chasing trends or trying to make headlines – she does it with an effortless grace that makes you think “oh Nicole Kidman has always been stunning”.

However, we would be remised to say that Nicole has never taken any risks with her wardrobe. The Oscars, in particular, are an occasion where she’s astonished journalists and the general public with her bold wardrobe choices, putting all other women at the ceremony on notice.

Both in the late ’90s as well as the early 2000s, Nicole Kidman played with a lot of bold colours and shimmering textures in her outfits. The satin green Dior dress from 1997 was followed by an equally bold gold dress by the same designer (speculated to be a homage to the national colours of Australia).

Overall, Nicole Kidman can teach a lot of other celebrities about how to evolve their style properly and never score low at the red carpet.

Finn Lymburner
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