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Strong female business leader and founder of Boost Juice Janine Allis


Born in 1965, Janine Allis became a famous Australian businesswoman who is renowned as the founder of Boost Juice, a beloved brand of fruit smoothies. Janine’s story of founding Boost Juice and making it a successful franchise is often cited as an example for how entrepreneurs can achieve success.

She is also a part-owner of Retail Zoo, which acts as the parent company of the brands Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill, Cibo Espresso, and Boost Juice.

Janine Allis started the Boost Juice brand in her own home back in the year 2000. The first official Boost Juice store was built in Adelaide in South Australia. The Boost Juice franchise then expanded into 13 different countries.

Later on, Janine Allis was a ‘shark’ presenter on the Australian ‘Shark Tank’, a spin-off of the American show which was itself a spin-off of the UK’s ‘Dragons Den’ program. She has also worked as a Director of the Michael Hill Jeweller brand. She published a book about her story called ‘The Accidental Entrepreneur’.

In 2019, she was a contestant on Australian Survivor’s 6th seasons. She finished in 6th place after 44 days.

At the age of 17, Janine Allis started working first as a media assistant for an advertising company. She also worked in modelling and did some work as a gym manager (assistant). He had many different roles in her early career, even working as a nanny in France, a camp counsellor in the United States, and as promotional executive in Portugal.

She also famously worked as a stewardess on the yacht of famous singer/songwriter David Bowie. She also was a senior manager for a cinema chain in Singapore. She also worked as a publicist for USA comics.

Allis now has a minority stake of investment in Retail Zoo.

Hamish Macghey
Hamish Macghey
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