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Behind the Scenes: The Plantation Shutter Installation Process


Despite what you think, the installation for a plantation shutter is quite a long winded process. There are a variety of factors to consider. There are many tools to use. In this way, plantation shutters are probably not the best shading system to do a DIY. A professional with years of experience and training in the field is the person we recommend to turn to when it comes to installing a plantation shutter in your home. Today, we are giving a guide on the series of steps of the installation process allowing you to get behind the scenes of the work these experts do.

The Process

1# Gather Your Tools

The first step in installing a plantation shutter is to get all the equipment and materials needed. Lay it out in an organised manner, allowing you to see absolutely every tool you need. It is important to keep your home from getting scratches so place it on a cardboard or temporary surface in order to prevent damage in your home. The expert will label and organising parts of the frame ad panel to make sure everything fits together in place, preventing delay. That way everything will be installed smoothly and swiftly.

2# Placing The Shutter Frame Together

Using Hoffmann keys, click every section of the shutter frame. The weight of your body will help click them together. Make sure all the keys stay in place and if it falls out, simply place it back inside. With T Posts, they work to simply screw and attach the frame to the sides of the window. This will be able to get the plantation shutter to open and close effortlessly.

3# Mount the frame

Now it’s time to put the plantation shutter onto the window. The expert will simply place the frame on the outside. For larger sized frames, this step is more a two person job requiring someone to help you carry the frame and use the drill. Using the drill, you screw the frame in place almost ready for use. Keep wiggling and until you have it added to the front of your home. Drill in the side and bottom screws. The professional will use a spirit level to check that everything is in order.

4# Add The Shutter Panel

The installation professional will start by picking up the left panel and placing it into the correct location. Do this for all of the panels checking each time prior and after placement to see if the panel is on the right side or placed correctly. The expert will check to see if the panels easily close and open. It is important to make sure that there are no hinge pins sliding in. This could make the plantation shutter break down easily. This will determine whether the plantation shutter will work efficiently. This is a complicated part of the process hence why you need a professional to help with the installation.

5# Voila! Plantation Shutters Are Installed

While it may seem like a simple series of steps, there is a heavy amount of detail and precision involved in the installation process. This is why it is important to have an installing professional at your side, to make sure you can open and shut your shades with a blink of an eye.

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