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Learn about Australian Bionic Ear inventor Graeme Clark


Professor Graeme Clark was the Australian inventor who came up with the multi-channel Cochlear implant that helps people who suffer from deadness. It was the first sensory interface between the human brain and the outside world that was clinically successful. It was the biggest and the first advance to treat people who suffered from deafness.

He was born in Camden in 1935 and studied medicine. He chose to specialise in surgery for the nose, throat, and ears and became a highly respected doctor. His bionic ear invention took a lot of time and effort, and one of his breakthroughs happened when he was on vacation at the beach where he imaged how a seashell could represent part of the human ear.

In 1983 he founded the Bionic Ear Institute which acted as an independent and non-profit organisation for medical research. The goal of the institute was to help deaf people overcome their handicap and enjoy a life where they could restore brain function.

The bionic ear is meant to assist people who were not born deaf to reconnect with brain patterns before they were damaged. When combined with lip reading and other things, the bionic ear can prove to be lifechanging for many individuals, both young and old.

Graeme Clark has a profound legacy in the deaf community as well as with Australians more broadly. He is fondly revered for his work in helping those less fortunate than himself and having a sincere passion for his work that has produced amazing results.

Overall, Graeme Clark has done a lot for the deaf community and Australian medical science in general. Graeme Clark is cited as an inspiration for many young Australian inventors working in the medical field, especially those who are passionate about the treatment of disabilities.

Finn Lymburner
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